About Japaulownia

What is Early maturity Japanese Paulownia (JAPAULOWNIA).

Early maturity Japanese Paulownia (JAPAULOWNIA) is a variety of Paulownia tree that grows several times faster than traditional species.

It absorbs several times more CO2 compared to other plants, and its mature wood serves diverse purposes.

This plant is gaining worldwide attention as a game-changer, producing significant economic benefits and environmental improvements.

"Early growth rate of Japaulownia."

Features of Japaulownia

By harvesting at the stage of mature trees that have grown rapidly and absorbed a large amount of CO2, new shoots are generated from the harvested stumps and grow into mature trees again.
By repeating this growth process with high CO2 absorption, the trees absorb many times more CO2 than other plants, and this has been quantified.

"Mechanism of Regenerating Sprouts"