Strengths of Japaulownia Inc.

We have early owned original technology of Japaulownia

This is a technology that has been developed for over 10 years and all patents are exclusively held. We have continuously pursued technological innovation and have independently established a high-reproducibility, high-quality seedling technology base.


Numerous afforestation achievements both domestically and internationally

In Malaysia, where we have provided technology in the past when it was difficult to expand business in Japan, over 3 million trees have already grown, and we are aiming to produce an additional 10 million trees in the future. In addition, through networks expanded by tree planting ceremonies and other events, there are numerous records of growth throughout Japan, mainly by local governments.


Expansion of the nursery business

The nursery business has already been commercialized at the level of tens of thousands of plants, with the goal of future commercialization at the level of hundreds of thousands or millions of plants. Additionally, we are developing a high-level nursery business in collaboration with Chiba University that is unique and unparalleled.

There are many derivative products based on many years of experience.

Through many years of reforestation and collaborative research, there is already a high level of expertise on the practical uses of fast-growing paulownia, including partnerships for applications such as furniture and building materials, biomass fuel, charcoal, and new forms of coke.


There is a large number of peripheral support that has built trust.

With a track record of successful implementation in numerous municipalities, we have built a high level of trust. We have also established trust with businesses in each region, particularly receiving significant support in the Kyushu area. In addition, we have received substantial support from universities and research institutions due to our numerous collaborative engagements.