Shinya Matsuyama


Shinya Matsuyama / 松山 晋也

Currently, with a substantial background in urban mining recycling and refining operations, I have extensive experience in business planning and corporate restructuring consulting. My expertise encompasses corporate due diligence, structured finance, formulation of real estate funds and non-recourse loans, liquidity schemes, corporate revitalization, and marketing information analysis.

I have ventured into business across various regions, including Myanmar, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dalian, Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam, New York, London, Zurich, and the Malaysian state of Sabah, accumulating over 25 years of international experience.

Graduated from the Economics Department at Santa Barbara City College in California, my professional journey has centered on leadership roles in the realms of management planning and business revitalization within the urban mining recycling and refining sector.